Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Passing it on....

It's great to see things I'm learning start to instill in my children.  My 3 year old Ben went to the kitchen brought me Wheaties, milk, a pack of individual size blueberries, bowl, spoon, and measuring cup.  He wouldn't let me but the cereal in the bowl without using the measuring spoon!

On another small note.  Our family used to frequent McDonald's value menu - often.  I'm proud to say we haven't been there in more than 6 weeks.  After I started my plan I had to wean my kids off the stuff they were used to.  My 8 year old has major issues with food.  We haven't been to McDonald's, we no longer have corn dogs or pizza rolls in the house, no chocolate junky cereal, the chocolate is rationed to every now and then.  Along with a can of Beefaroni or anything like that.  They are grateful to have it now.  It's just like when I eat in moderation.  We just made a roast but in theres I added fresh green beans this time.  They all loved it.  So the only thing to get rid of is the white potato.  We had a nice selection of beef and carrots too.  They also used can gravy one more thing to get rid of out of that meal actually. 

Think of the changes that may happen over the next year........Make them happen.

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  1. I LOVED what you wrote about the boys Carolyn. They are getting it!! You keep going girl--I have NO DOUBT that you will finish this race. You're in for the long haul.