Thursday, January 20, 2011

How am I changing

****Working towards my goal****   I may not get there by my goal date.  However, I'm completely okay with that.  They say as you loose more weight it comes off slower and I was setting my goal according to how I was loosing weight then.  I don't feel as though I'm failing.  That word along with "Quit" isn't in my vocabulary any longer.  I will succeed even if it may take longer to do it.  It took me many years to get here in this over weight situation and I'll climb out as fast or slow as I get there. 

I have set not just weight loss goals.  I have set emotional goals as well.  Some of those are to be myself, have more confidence, learn through experience better ways to deal with the stress (since I'm not wanting to eat it anymore), do more things that I wasn't able to do as a heavier person, eat different foods that aren't in my refrigerator normally, and show these new habbits of mine  to everyone who wants to know. 

mmmmm.....wanting some cream of broccoli......  Can you tell I'm a soup girl?

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  1. What a blessing to be doing it with your whole family It will be much easier for you to. I am soo happy for you. Will pray that he will be able to stick with it.He can do it, he has an awesome teacher! I am amazed at all you have done and honored that I got to be there from the beginning! Love you and cant wait to see you!