Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A great first meal together

So tonight we had a first great healthy meal all together with the intentions of eating healthy.  There was no opposition.  My son mark who usually gives the greatest problem.  Downed his food.  He even had a healthy snack later of yogurt with berries in it!!! He doesn't like any chunks in his yogurt.  We will work on adding other parts to make it a balanced snack for him. 

On another quick note I wanted to let you know that I can wear a xl pair of pants.  that's one size pants down for me!!!  Soon I'm going to attempt to fit into my last pair of prepregnancy jeans. 

I want to Thank everyone for all their support and encouragment. 

Stay tuned for more updates.... 


  1. So many positive things going on Carolyn. And I sense your husband is really proud of you and behind you. I guess he just needed to know you were serious about this. Keep going!