Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Parties R' Us

After the cookie, cake, and candy Christmas season our family goes into full swing with birthday parties.  Between my son Ben, my niece and nephew, and my cousins children It seems like 2 or more a weekend. 

Today I went to two of them.  No cake No icecream.  There is one on Sunday.  Next week I have a big get together with extended family on Saturday.  On sunday we have Ben's party.  I usually use 6-10 cake mixes for the cake.  This year we are not doing as many.  I have added extra healthy food to the menu. 

For me cake and ice cream isn't important.  It's the family time.  Watching the kids play together.  Making memories.  Celebrating the birth of my precious children.  If I chose to have someting else than what's on my meal plan it would be dinner food.  I'm going to try to stay to my plan because you get to your goals as fast or as slow as you make it happen.

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