Friday, January 7, 2011

Exercise - this or that

*As a side note, my fellow journey member  Dawn has taken ill and is hospitalized due to other medical problems, if you will please pray for her. *

This week has been tough.  Stress had set it in.  I have relieved myself of that stress.  I know that my friends and families will be here and keeping out family lifted in prayer.  We have many great prayer warrior friends and family.  God will take care of our needs. 

On the other hand my hip is out of alignment and it's very painful.  Every time I try to step on it  I want to scream in pain.  I've only been able to do small stints of cardio on the treadmill.  I've continued the weight training.  Instead of doing cardio in pain I'm going to start this coming week at the pool swimming laps.  It will help alleviate the pressure on my hip and other parts of my body as well. 

Now with this all said I normally would have been fretting over building muscle while not burning what I consider to be a usual amount of calories this week.  I've been eating healthy and doing what I can for exercise.  With that I'm happy.   I may have said that before but now there's this peace inside me that makes me not freak out.  I'm not worried about people watching me if I hit a stand still or gain weight.  I know others who have gained and continued on their journey and I know that we're building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. 

For me this is a big break through - thank you to all my fellow journeys who have helped me come to this conclusion. 

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  1. You've come so far in many ways Carolyn. As pleased I am to see you changing physically, I am more excited to see the inner changes. The peace that you describe only comes from someone who knows her God and trusts in Him.