Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Times of struggle and sorrow....

During my downs I still have the urge to eat.  To help satisfy myself emotionally.  Going through "things" today I reached out for some fries.  I had about 6 fries.  My husband pulled them away from me so I wouldn't sabotage myself.  During these times now I don't want to eat.  I feel if I eat I will not meet my own expectations. 

Needless to say I have alot of work still on the inside.   I need to figure out a way to help me deal with problems like this in a more constructive way.  I thought maybe I would write or blog to get through those feelings.  See how that goes and if it doesn't help, I'll try something different.  At one point I exercised but I exercised really hard way beyond the breaking point. 

With ending of bad eating habits there are needs to find better habits for eating and dealing with life's downs. 

I feel as though I'm going through spiritual warfare  because I'm making positive changes in my life - all of your prayers are welcomed in helping me fight this. 


  1. Beautiful Carolyn....I am so proud of how far you have come....remember that even the inner transformation is a journey. I am so thankful that your hubby is your cheerleader now! That is amazing! I am here for you...trust me when I say that we are all going through the emotions...just remember that I am coming in 2.5 weeks and well, let that be some motivation!!! Can't wait to see you!!! So proud of you luv!

  2. I cant believe it was your husband that pulled them away from you. He deserves a great big hug or a trophy, or something! Look how far your family has come. So proud. We are going to experience spiritual warfare. We all have... because Satan knows that once we get through this there is no stopping how many lives are going to be changed! You are being uplifted in prayer by so many people. You are not alone. We need to both push it up a level so we are sooo skinny when Fawn comes that she is shocked! Will you do it??? God is preparing us for something great! Don't turn to food, turn to God. We all fail. I had a candy bar and popcorn when I was sick...but the next day I got up and worked it off and started again. That is what this is about. A new beginning every single day. Love you!!!

  3. Wow. God bless Mark!! He wants you to make it too Carolyn. If you want to talk at any time, don't ever hesitate to pick up that phone. And you know you're always welcome at my home. I love and care for you very much.

  4. Carolyn if you ever need an ear to listen, I'm here for you!! Also, we all go through spiritual warfares, don't let the enemy win, you've come a long way. My prayers are with you! Love you!!