Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wimp, wimp no more!!!

Since we've moved to this house I was pregnant with my second child.  After I had him I fell and re injured my back.  I gained alot of weight then.  We've lived here since October 2007.  Since then I really haven't been able to do any "manual labor"  that involves more than light work.  As we are purging, packing, and getting ready to move I have found out that I am completely able to pack and get rid of things we don't use as we are putting what's leftover in the dumpster.  It's a high dumpster and I have enough muscle to keep going and repetitively lifting things in there.  It's not one thing at a time.  A box of this or that and doing some sweating while I'm at it.  I'm impressed with myself it's great to be able to see my body do this again. 


  1. I am telling you right now to quite being so "sexy". You heard me girl. Love you...Barb

  2. And I'm impressed too dear Carolyn!!

  3. Good job! So proud of you! You have muscles you never had before! You are like super women. God will give you the strength to get done what you need to do! Praying for you!