Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheers to the changes!!

So at the end of my icky feeling stage I could finally taste food again.  Boy was I sorry about that.  I wanted some chinese so I got a small portion of chicken and broccoli with brown rice.  I miss chinese so much or at least I thought I did!! I got sick from that with bad stomach cramps.  My body is used to all this clean and healthy food and took something with so much sodium and my body reacted to it.  How do you know it's this because it happened the one time that I chicken and broccoli before since I started my journey.  I know this is the word of God saying Carolyn your body will better tolerate this if you try and make a healthier version at home.  This is some awful stuff.  I don't want these cramps again and I don't want the chinese again.  I could say it was the place but I used to eat there before my journey.  So it's just my body reacting to less healthy food.  I thought this would upset me but it doesn't.  I'm good after all why wouldn't my body want healthier food???

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