Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A weigh in ...

So my first official weigh in will be the first week I'm off my medications.  However, I did weigh in this monday.  After I lost myself for those couple of days I started everything again and I got back at working at my goals and again put myself back into this journey emotionally.  I do think before I removed myself emotionally and don't know how but I'm glad to be back.  So now everyone's wondering..... what happened at the weigh in.  The 3 lbs I gained I lost those so I'm back to where I started!!!!   I have been terribly busy with preparations to buying our own home. 

This Birthday Sunday at church was like no others.  We had always had cupcakes and some type of fruitpunch drink.   The past couple sundays I had brought in fruit trays and majority of the  people never ate cupcakes.  So we got together and made fruit parfaits.  Healthier and YUMMY ones.  Some of the kids even went back for seconds.  We also served it with water and had lemons available for flavor.  Some wern't used to the healthier option and couldn't wrap their minds around not having cupcakes but in time I think it and they will be fine. 

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  1. So glad you're back on track Carolyn. Lord bless you!