Sunday, March 20, 2011


So here we are in another week of being on meds and not weighing in.  I'm really wondering if not weighing until I'm off these meds is the right thing.  I really need to up the exercise more just extremely tired.  I'm having problems sleeping.  The weeks and months ahead don't seem like the busy times will end soon.  My husband and I just bought a house with closing coming soon.  We need to get packed and then start making improvements on our new home so we can get moved in.  I also have to get all the paperwork and school information transferred back to New York State.  That's just the extra stuff. Therapy, doctors appointments, eating, sleeping, homework, and living life are some of the every day normal things that we will be doing on top of these new moving things.  We have a pretty big family dinner coming up in april, Easter, My oldest son's birthday, baseball and softball season, a getaway in august, and 10 years of marriage celebrated in september.  The way I look at being busy is that before I had lost all this way, it's not something I could do or care to do.  My desire for living life is stronger than ever.  Off to back some more boxes!!!

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