Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow storm of the year

So there will be no way in today.  We've had the storm of the year - at least I'm hoping.  I don't like missing my weigh in. That scale is my accountability partner.  I know sometimes it doesn't reflect what work I put in but that's okay.  For so long I didn't look at the scale.  I thought it better to just not know how big I was.  How much I weighed.  I would never look into full length mirrors!!!   It's amazing what you do to hide how unhealthy you are. 

This weeks a busy one our little son Ben has his MRI tomorrow to see what's going on inside his back.  I've been waiting for this just need to see if we can still do it as his physical was today and his Dr's office is closed so we are waiting to see what can be done.  I don't want them to have to reschedule.  He's been waiting an awful long time then we'll also have to go back through the insurance channels.

So it's a long snowed in day already.  Need to get some things done and accomplished so I guess it's off to a in - house workout!!!

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