Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some more changes for me!

So I've haven't been able to grow nails never.  They've always been so weak.  They aren't now.   I think because I have gotten away from eating just carbs now I eat protein with every meal and snack.  They are growing beautiful even with all of my hard work on packing and moving.  They haven't broken or chipped.  I'm actually thinking about painting them!!!  

Also different scenario.  Sorry if it's to much info.  Here goes!  When out at a store or restaurant in the past I've waited for the handicap toilet as I felt I was so closed and I'm not clausterphobic.  I also felt like I wasn't properly able to used the restroom.  Today I was taking my 3 year old in and we both had to go and the handicap toilet was out of use.  We both managed in  a regular stall just fine.  I feel better about myself not having to use the handicap toilet.  My weight shouldn't handicap me and I won't let it anymore!!!  Like I said sorry about the TMI!


  1. Yay Carolyn! Praying for you as you are making the move ands trying to keep up with everything!!!

  2. Excellent post Carolyn! You are so positive:-) Love it!