Saturday, July 9, 2011

What should I do when I'm bored?

So I've been sitting here cruising the Internet figuring out some things for next month when we're on vacation at knoebles campgrounds.  My husband is watching the race.  I'm bored.  I figure I would sit here and talk to you instead of picking up a snack when I'm not even hungry.  Yep, I was doing that too when I was not "on track."  This is the last time I'm gonna break habits. I'm gonna live this way the rest of my life.  This is what I want.  If you live this day over and over and over eventually living a different way will be the odd out of place thing rather than being "on track."  So to keep myself busy I think I'll go grab a dog and go for a walk that way I'm burning some energy.  Besides walking late at night gives me time by myself and gives me some peace.  I pray while I'm out walking.  I talk to the lord while taking in the night sky and the stars.  Watching the trees and the wind.  What a beautiful world he has given us.  Can you imagine what heaven's like if living on earth is supposed to be our hell?

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