Monday, July 18, 2011

Check our the new surprises on my exercising

My cousin Lyn has been in town and I have actually accompanied her to the gym a few times.  She's showed me what she does or how she started when she went to the gym.  She's a great example.  She's close to her goal weight and she's lost lbs and gotten toned and she has the right mindset.   A great christian Lady.  Alot to be learned yet but I'm getting there.  She was showing me free weights and some core exercises.  She's also showed me alot on the treadmill.  I even got on the elliptical.  I never get on the elliptical because it's torture for me.  However I'm going to try and build my resistance to that machine.  I got on for so many minutes Sunday and Tuesday i will start out on the elliptical and try to do a few more minutes each time I get on it.    The past two nights I've had a visitor on my nightly walk.  To all surprise, my mother has accompanied me.  It's been great time and great walk.  We walked the  1.1 mile track and we will build her up to the 2.0 mile track.  Can't wait for her to be able to see some progress!!!  It's the Ripple effect!

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