Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well since Saturday I've been having this burping and gas that is horrid and yesterday we took off for Syracuse to do some house stuff.  The pants I was wearing hung on my hips.  I had alot of stomach pain as well.  When I got out of the van on the way back  I was so bloated I looked pregnant.  I spent most of last evening in the emergency room.  All they can tell is I have intestinal spasms.  I'm hoping this bloating and stomach pain goes away as it feels as though my stomach is going to burst.  Now the gas and burping is far and few in between and I really have to work for it but feel temporary relief when I do.  Need some relief bad.  After all this work I don't care to look pregnant right now either.  Have a follow up on Wednesday.  Hope everything is back to normal by then.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. You never said what was causing it. Hopefully you can avoid it happening again, huh?

  2. Sweet Carolyn, I think that your body is out of whack with all that you have been through. I know that God has a huge plan and will intervene. I'm so proud of you!