Friday, May 20, 2011

Asparagus :)

So there's a vegetable I couldn't do much with since my new plan.  Asparagus!!! That says it all for me.  I used to eat it with  hollandaise or melted cheddar cheese.  To find a healthier option I just experimented.  With only one attempt I came up with this dish.  Now I didn't do exact measurements but with healthier ingredients you just worry about over all serving size. 

1.  I steamed the asparagus till almost tender.

2.  I took some fat free Parmesan cheese, pepper, and minced garlic.  Mush it down in a separate bowl.

3.  Put asparagus in a baking dish sprayed with olive oil or pam.

4.  Drop the Parmesan cheese and garlic granules onto the asparagus.

5.  Broil the asparagus until the Parmesan cheese and garlic is a golden brown. 

6.  Eat and enjoy!!

To get ideas I looked at the Internet for different options its easier now when you know what are healthier options. 

Good luck on experimenting with foods.  I can't wait for a bigger kitchen in my own home where I can come up with some more great healthier food options!!!

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  1. today is May 28 and I just wanted you to know I prayed for you this morning--have a blessed day!!